News from the front porch: God’s love gets us safely through unplanned storms

I witnessed an unusually agonizing situation this past week that I pray will not happen again anywhere.

Financiers told a local Christian medical practice in Augusta that they would close and a large chain would be constructed in its place.

I watched as the doctor and staff tearfully told their patients that they could no longer be their health care providers. The physician hugged his patients and cried as he walked them to the waiting room.

The staff wept as they told me they were not being offered jobs by the new establishment.

Last Friday was their last day, and most of the staff walked out of the glass doors for the last time wondering where their next paychecks would come from.

I tried to encourage them and brought them job opportunities that I found out about in other medical practices.

They were sad and knocked down, but they were not despairing. Through their tears, every one of them told me in different words that God had given them incredible peace and that they knew that even though they only had enough light for the step they were currently standing on that God would provisionally guide them to the next opportunity to serve Him in their journey of life.

The health care system is in crisis and medical employees are experiencing the tightening circumstances that has squeezed industry for the last several years. Politics and legislation are not providing solutions to the root problems. However, like the survivors referenced above stated, it is keeping one’s faith in God, embracing the peace he gives, and focusing on his unchanging love and provision that will gets one safely and peacefully through the thrashing of unplanned storms.

Jesus slept through a storm of which the disciples were terrified. When they called out to him, he spoke to the storm and it stopped. The boat was not sinking as long as Jesus was in it, and if they had refocused their sight from the terrors outside the boat to the peaceful sleeping savior inside the boat, the disciples could have been peaceful through the storm, too.

“And suddenly, behold there arose a violent storm on the sea, so that the boat was being covered up by the waves; but he was sleeping. And they went and awakened him saying, Lord, rescue and preserve us! We are perishing! And he said to them, why are you so timid and afraid O you of little faith? Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the sea, and there was a great and wonderful calm, a perfect peacefulness.” Matthew 8: 26-26

Dianne Brady is an author and speaker and can be reached at