Bee's Buzz


Wow! It’s already April. This year has flown by. But before the year is over, we still have lots of news to report.

To start off, congratulations to all who were inducted into Beta Club. This year, in addition to the eighth-graders, sixth- and seventh-graders were invited to join the National Junior Beta Club. The ceremony was held on Monday, April 15, and approximately 200 students were inducted. The members will be participating in the upcoming Transition Fair and Relay For Life.

On Thursday, April 15, spring pictures were taken. In addition, the annual Sixth Grade Transition Fair will also be held on April 25 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Student Council members will give tours of the school to the rising sixth-grade students, while Beta Club members will be there to assist in setting up and providing refreshments. We are looking forward to meeting our rising sixth-graders.

Congratulations to all who received students of the month for April. We can’t wait for another excellent week here at NAMS as we slide toward summer. From the school on the hill, this is Caroline Waldrop signing off until next week.