Downtown developments: Speeding in North Augusta, thoughts on the Augusta National

Please stop speeding in North Augusta

As many times, I am on that stretch of road doing the speed limit with cars zooming past me at all times of day, as well as other roads such as Knox Avenue, Public Safety picked this week when we are inundated with out-of-town guests to put up the “how fast you are driving” sign that records the speed of your vehicle as it approaches. Why not do it all other weeks?

Seems rather unwelcoming to me and a bit like taking advantage of a situation. I remember when everyone who drove in North Augusta was afraid to drive over the speed limit because nine times out of 10, you’d get a ticket if you did. Not anymore.

Afterthought on the Augusta National

For me, having a controversial opinion about something is not new, so this probably will not shock anyone who reads it.

After all these years, why give into public opinion or political pressure and take a long-standing all-male institution and invite women to join? The photo of Condoleezza Rice on the front page of The Star brought it home to me again.

As someone said to me about the subject, should girls be allowed to join the Boy Scouts and should boys be allowed to join the Girl Scouts? No. To me, the Augusta National should have been left as it was – an all boys club. Women can be anything they want to be these days. We have the opportunity to hold high positions in corporations, and we are cops and firefighters. We fight on the front lines, and we also have our own golf association, so leave the Augusta National to the boys.

That is the way it was founded, the way it has been run for all these years, and the way it should have stayed.