Wrinkles: Public servant earns thanks

Two weeks ago, the "Wrinkles" column talked about the high cost of electricity and many seniors having to do without necessary items to pay their bills.

I also told of my own experience since the first of the year with SCE&G increasing my statements over $80 per month. At the conclusion of the column, I wrote of the need of an angel in public office who would reach out and stand up for the "greatest generation" with the question, "Is there one out there?"

Shout for joy! There is one! His name is Sen. Tom Young! No, he did not call me; instead he called the S.C. Office of Regulatory Staff and got the wheels turning.

Since the last column, I have received calls from director Dawn Hitt, plus a few calls from personnel of SCE&G, offering to check my unit and to check the meter box - the one the representative on the telephone had asked me to go check. That is actually doing a job that should be done by their employees.

Seems like it is a new deal of "charge the consumer more, plus get them to fill in for the lack of employees to do the job!"

Well, the wheels are turning with thanks to Sen. Tom Young, and it is going to be a revelation to see the answers to the questions we have been asking.

I have received no answers from members of the Public Service Commission (the ones that make an estimated $160,272 per year) as to how they judge giving raises to SCE&G. I wonder - are they obligated to tell the public why they vote to raise the price? We'll have to ask our angel in public office, Sen. Tom Young.

Here's a little information on Senator Young. He was elected Nov. 6, 2012 to the state Senate District 24 as a Republican. If you would like to thank him for his interest in the greatest generation, his telephone numbers are 803-649-0000 and 803-215-3631. Write to him with a thank you at P.O. Box 651, Aiken, S.C. 29802. If you have a problem or questions, I am sure he will be glad to answer them.

Since the "Wrinkles" column appeared regarding this issue, everywhere I have been - to meetings, grocery store or downtown - there have been people who have told me their personal stories regarding this situation. And it's not only the greatest generation talking; it's the 40-50 age group that's struggling with expenses of college, holding a job, young people unable to find employment, gasoline at an all-time high and groceries costing more every week. Plus, there are the hundreds of fees and surcharges on every bill, which are actually taxes but called by another name. But they remain taxes because they are added to essentials such as electricity with 5 percent added to your SCE&G statement that goes to the City of North Augusta.

The retirement fund that most seniors counted on to live well during the latter years continues to shrink weekly. The health care costs continue to climb just when the health issues increase with age. Remember, keep this number handy, for complaints: Dawn Hitt at the S.C. Office of Regulatory at 803-737-5230 or contact the "angel" in public office who seems to be reaching out and standing up for the "greatest generation."Thanks Sen. Tom Young!"

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal - love leaves a memory no one can steal." (Unknown)

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