Student column: Bees Buzz by Kyahna Thurmond

Science Day at Hammond Hill Elementary School was on Friday. Here are some highlights of that day.

Mr. McCurry from SRNS (and one of the fathers of a fourth grader at Hammond Hill) taught us all about static electricity. He even brought a magnetic shock pole and let us touch it, making our hair fly up in the air. The belts were rubbing together making the static electricity which moved our hair.

Mr. Poppy taught us all about animals. He brought magnificent animals such as a boxing turtle, a snapping turtle and a spotted salamander, which is South Carolina's state amphibian. Some other animals he brought were an alligator and a coyote. Yes, he brought a living coyote!The Astronomy Club met with us on the playground. They had some devices that let us actually look at the sun without hurting our eyes. They even taught us how to play a game called Solar Simon Says.

Ms. Spivey taught us about plants. She had stations set up, and we were able to see and touch all different kinds of plants that I didn't even know existed. She also showed us how textiles (clothes) were colored using the dyes that came from different plants.

Science Day at Hammond Hill was awesome. I can't wait until next year when I get to meet more great scientists!