March is time to take a look at improving wellness

National Nutrition Month is in full swing, and there's no better time than now to take some steps in the right direction.

Richard Maddox II, the president and an employee wellness consultant at CSRA Wellness Consulting, knows that it's a struggle. As a former football standout from Ridge Spring-Monetta High School, who later went on to play at the University of Arizona, he knows many may expect that things are just easier for him. However, he's continuing to make a difference here in North Augusta.

"I don't ask people to be perfect," he said. "We determine a way to make life decisions and build healthy habits. ..."

One of the newest ways that many people have chosen to address dieting and nutrition is through online programs, Maddox said.

"All of the desktop applications that we previously used have gone online," he said. "It's slowly catching on here in the South. The online platform is rapidly becoming the norm. You have to put a lot of security measures in place, but the apps allow people to manage nutrition and their diets."

The program that Maddox's company uses works in a 12-week program, which includes nutrition and a workout routine.

There is an initial assessment test that people can do in their own home. In the 12 weeks, clients are able to stay in constant contact with Maddox and his staff through email. There's also an online community that allows for interaction and encouragement from other clients and personnel.

"In this new on-the-go, get-it-done-yesterday world we live in, it's very important," Maddox said of the accessibility.

To contact Maddox, call 803-257-4431 or email