Feb. 22-Feb. 28 bookings

These are the bookings recorded by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety for the dates of Feb. 22-28. Some of the people may not have spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty.

Feb. 22:

Joseph Dean Massaro, 27, driving under the influence (first offense)William Dean Hendley, 30, public drunkenness, simple assaultMichael Thomas Smith, 23, commitment warrantAntuanne Jermaine Kerr, 25, driving under suspension, simple possession marijuana

Feb. 23:

Deborah James Murrell, 52, shoplifting (less than $2,000, first offense)Travis Dwayne Nolan, 33, public drunkenness

Feb. 25:

Michael Elliot Archer, 39, bench warrantBenjamin Coleman Smith, 29, driving under the influence (first offense)

Feb. 26:

Robert Warren Hair, 47, driving under the influence first offenseConnie Dixon, 54, criminal domestic violence (first or second offense)Robert Lee Hamm, 54, public drunkennessStephanie Dawn Barrett, 36, commitment warrantShawn Franklin West, 39, commitment warrant

Feb. 27:

Jimmy Dell Haynes, 45, criminal domestic violence (first or second offense)Summer Nichole Livak, 26, disobeying lawful orders, driving under suspension, leaving the scene of accident, possession of marijuana with intent to distributeDebbie Candice Jordan, 53, shoplifting (less than $2,000, third or subsequent offense)James Wyman Hall, 54, public drunkenness, shoplifting (less than $2,000, second offense)Amanda Lea Boozer, 41, criminal domestic violence (first or second offense)Brent Marshall Boozer, 47, criminal domestic violence (first or second offense)

Feb. 28:

Ladarius Tykeem Priester, 21, driving under the influence (first offense)