March 7 crime briefs

• A man from North Augusta was arrested and jailed on a charge of driving under the influence Feb. 25, after a three-vehicle collision on West Avenue. The other two vehicles were unoccupied. The driver was found to smell of alcohol and could not handle sobriety tests. His blood-alcohol level was measured at .14 percent.

• A Hephzibah man was arrested and jailed Feb. 22 on charges of driving under suspension and simple possession of marijuana, after being noticed speeding (80 miles an hour in a 60 zone) on I-520's westbound side, near Mile Marker 19. He was found to be suspended due to a previous substance conviction, and a check led to the discovery of two small clear bags (one inside the car and one just outside) "containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana."

• A Bath man, after a collision with the support beams of an awning at a business on West Buena Vista Avenue, was arrested and jailed Feb. 22 on a charge of driving under the influence. He smelled of alcohol and, after attempting a sobriety test, told the responding officer, "I am done. I cannot do this. You know I am drunk."