‘Change for Change’ effort raises more than $2,000

"Change for Change," a fundraising effort by kids in Holy Trinity Lutheran Church's Sunday-school classes, has hauled in more than $2,000 to support construction of a college in Tanzania.

The Rev. Jim Glander, Holy Trinity's pastor, said the money was mostly raised throughout 2012, through the efforts of the congregation's younger members.

"They ask people about once a month - sometimes a little bit more than that - to empty their pockets of change."

He added, "Some people did better than just change, and the teacher and children together put on a garage sale or a parking-lot sale and raised about $800 for that."

The original goal was $500, so the target was reset to $1,500, and $1,600 came in.

"The goal is to help build a college to train high school graduates to become teachers, so they would stay in their area and go out into the highways and byways to be ministers and bringers of the gospel to the people," Glander said.

As of Feb. 10, the amount raised was $2,105, after additional money had been raised through a special offering, so that amount was sent on its way.