Patriot Pride for Feb. 14

Paul Knox Middle School held Career Day this week. Our career counselor worked hard bringing professionals in for this day.

She stated, "My goal was to bring in speakers that were excited about what they do in hopes that they would help our students start to see all the wonderful future career options a good education can create for them." Speakers visited classrooms and shared their careers with students.

Students were also given opportunities to ask questions and learn more about what is involved in various jobs. Eighth-grader Lewis Manley stated, "I listened to Richard Rogers from the local news channel speak. His career gives opportunities to advance." Seventh-grader Tyler Fitts commented, "I heard the men from the North Augusta Recreation Department speak. I think it's cool that they get to help make rules for the teams and also when you turn 14 you can work at concessions there!" Eighth-grader Jeremiah Leyda listened to the manager from the Augusta Green Jackets speak. Leyda stated, "He has worked for a lot of other teams and finally took the job in Augusta! He wants to stay here."

Mrs. Jenifer Williams, career counselor, also takes care of our Career Café. She explained, "Earlier in the school year, eighth-grade students were asked what types of careers they were interested in learning more about. Friday mornings, small groups of eighth-grade students are invited to the Career Cafe in the media center to enjoy hot chocolate and doughnuts while listening to a professional share valuable information about their career. This program has been a great success because of the great speakers and attentive students.