City responds quickly to disabled hydrants

City responds quickly to disabled hydrants

I'm writing this in regard to the Belvedere community fire hydrants and the North Augusta public works department. At a recent house fire on Palmetto Avenue and Belair Road, the nearest hydrant, across the street, was dysfunctional and caused considerable delay and inconvenience in extinguishing this fire. At the last neighborhood watch meeting, this was discussed and we were advised that the Belvedere Fire Department was responsible for checking the hydrants for efficiency but that repairs were the responsibility of the City of North Augusta.

Upon calling Mr. Lynn Foster, I mentioned that a hydrant was almost buried on McNair Street and one was leaking very badly on Monterey Avenue.

Due to the large number of hydrants needing repairs in the city and in Belvedere, I was informed it might be difficult in getting the parts and time to update those hydrants. Later, Mr. Sutton called me and affirmed the problems would be taken care of as soon as possible. I am pleased to compliment Mr. James Sutton and his employees for their rapid action to repair and replace those problem hydrants with new hydrants. Your employees were very friendly and even offered me the use of a shovel to help, jokingly, of course. Congratulations and thanks for the great service.

Judith Sizemore