Bookings for Jan. 31

These are the bookings recorded by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety for the dates of Jan. 18-24. Some of the people may not have spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty.

Jan. 18:

Lonnie Lorenzo Roberson, 59, shoplifting (less than $2,000, second offense)

Darryl Trotty, 30, second-degree assault and battery

Jan. 19:

Daniel Bruce Markle, 50, bench warrant, commitment warrant, failure to appear in court

Darrell Harris, 31, bench warrant, failure to appear in court

Jan. 20:

Victor Nicholson, 59, shoplifting (less than $2,000, first offense)

Jessica Lane Dreaden, 19, possession of a controlled substance, shoplifting (less than $2,000, second offense)

Tibias Antonio Rhodes, 18, shoplifting (less than $2,000, first offense)

Jan. 21:

Alexandria Denise Hammonds, 23, third-degree assault and battery

Jan. 22:

Michael Derrick Bussey, 23, commitment warrant, commitment from court

Andrea Bernard Bussey, 44, failure to stop for blue lights and siren (first offense)

Lenna McCauley Cooper, 70, shoplifting (less than $2,000, first offense)

Erica Deshawn Hill, 39, public drunkenness

Jan. 23:

Joseph Adam Turner, 27, commitment warrant

Kiarra Shatrick Corbett, 23, commitment from court

Jonathan William Savage, 27, commitment from court

Javaric Eric Jackson, 23, attempted distribution of marijuana

Jessica Maria Whaley, 18, disturbing schools

Arthur Griffin, 45, driving under suspension

Gary Smith, 54, driving under the influence (first offense)

Jan. 24:

Amber Kimberly Robinson, 20, trespassing

Jack Benjamin Holt, 23, commitment warrant

Ashley Maureen Hattaway, 27, commitment warrant

Jan. 25

Joseph Shane Mills, 19, possession of stolen property, receiving stolen goods (less than $2,000), simple possession of marijuana

Tommie Jude Sherlock, 47, public drunkenness, shoplifting (less than $2,000, second offense)

Latisha Wylona Williams, 33, bench warrant