Patriot Reflections

The second semester at Wardlaw is off to a productive start. Classrooms are abuzz with activity as students and teachers work diligently in the second half of the school year. Seniors bittersweetly dive into their last semester at Wardlaw Academy and prepare for the college of their choice.

We are always so proud of all our basketball teams for representing our school with great sportsmanship, determination and a healthy competitive spirit. Tuesday evening, both the varsity and middle school boys won their basketball games against King Academy.

Chapel was held on Wednesday afternoon. It was arranged by the K-4 and K-5 classes. They brought in guest speaker and former Wardlaw student, Evan Bell, who gave his testimony about being true to God and how loyal we are to him. The parallel he made between being a member of a team and a Christian was well received by the students. K-4 and K-5 sang two songs to add to the spirit of chapel. t is inspirational to watch the youngest students at Wardlaw display their love for Jesus Christ.

To show support for Ali Rogers, Miss South Carolina, and her participation in the Miss America Pageant, the female students painted their finger nails blue on Friday. Miss South Carolina honored us all by placing the picture, sent to her by Mr. Whitlock, on Instagram. When last checked, it had received more than 340 "likes."

Saturday afternoon the Wardlaw Patriots played against Anderson Christian Academy. The varsity boys emerged victorious in a very close game against Anderson.