Education highlights of 2012

Hard work and teamwork are required for an educational system to enjoy success. The many accomplishments of the seven Area 2 schools indicate that the year just completed was a successful one.

Through the efforts of students, parents, teachers, staff members, administrators and community volunteers, each of our schools received multiple recognitions for providing our children a high-quality educational experience. While recognition can take many forms, academic achievement, as measured by test data, is one of the most common. For example, the state report card provides each school a rating for absolute and one for growth in the academic achievement of its student body. Following are just some of the honors and awards accorded to Area 2 schools in 2012.

North August High

- Excellent ratings for absolute and growth (state report card)

- ACT score (21.2) above national average

- Graduation rate of 80.1 percent

- Ninth Grade Academy funded

North Augusta Middle

- Palmetto Gold Award

- Excellent ratings for absolute and growth

- 100 percent passing rate on Algebra 1 end-of-course test

Paul Knox Middle

- Palmetto Silver Award

- Selected by Public Education Partners to receive Synergistic Laboratory

- 12 Eighth-grade students recognized as S.C. Junior Scholars

Belvedere Elementary

- Palmetto Silver Award

- Excellent rating for growth

- Highest (89.4 percent) 5th grade PASS Math score in district

Hammond Hill Elementary

- National Blue Ribbon Award (one of five schools in S.C.)

- Excellent ratings for absolute and growth

- Palmetto Gold Award

Mossy Creek Elementary

- "A" on the national report card

- Model anti-bullying program

- Parent and student outreach program

North Augusta Elementary

- -Palmetto Silver Award

- "A" on the national report card

- Highest (90.6 percent) fourth-grade PASS Social Studies score in district

The value of a student's educational experience consists of more than just academic achievement. Many other activities contribute to the development of a well-rounded student ready to take his or her place in a democratic society. Athletics, music, art, drama, student government, school clubsf and other activities are all part of a rich, diversified educational experience.

The honors and recognition our students received in these other activities during 2012 were as numerous as those received in the academic area, but space constraints preclude their being listed. Suffice it to say that our community had much to be pleased about regarding the performance of our public schools in 2012. If you know a student, parent, volunteer, or educator, give them a "thumbs up" as a way of saying congratulations. Let's all commit to making 2013 an even better year for each and every student.