Dolphin Days

My life in fourth grade

When I first got in fourth grade, I thought it was going to be hard. I was wrong. I have really nice teachers. In math we reviewed basic adding and subtracting. Then, we moved on to multiplication. It is kind of easy. Our teacher, Mrs. Hein-Bodiford, helps us do our multiplication really fast.

Our other teacher is Mrs. Burket. She helps us learn and have fun. She teaches reading and helps us read chapter books. She's really funny and helps us when we are down. I've known her since I was in third grade. She plays kickball with us at recess.

Mrs. Hein-Bodiford teaches us science, too. She taught us about different kinds of circuits. She taught us about plants and animals. We know about vertebrates and invertebrates. Mrs. Burket also teaches grammar. She taught us different kinds of sentences. In spelling we learn to spell difficult and easy words.