Bees Buzz: DARE, fifth grade highlight


One of the highlights from fifth grade will always be going through the DARE program. DARE stands for Drug Awareness, Resistance and Education. There's another meaning, too: Define, Assess, Respond and Evaluate. This meaning makes up the DARE Decision-Making Model.

Officer Tom, the instructor, has an enjoyable way of teaching. He lets us do fun activities while managing to teach the pressures and hardships in life. One of them being having to make our own decisions. That's where the DARE Decision-Making Model comes in.

You define or recognize your problem, you assess or lay out your possible choices, you respond or decide on your best choice, then evaluate or ask yourself, "Did I make a good decision?"

I don't know how many other cities have DARE, but I'm pretty sure no other city has a better instructor than North Augusta's own Tom Rogers. You might know him as Officer Tom from the North Augusta Department of Public Safety.

Officer Tom never fails to have a great lesson. Who knew you could turn talking about illegal drugs and peer pressure into something entertaining?

The best part of DARE will be graduation. It will be held at Belvedere First Baptist Church on Feb. 11. The astonishing sight of the stage and students from the top balcony when my brother graduated from DARE three years ago is still in the back of my mind. When you come, you will see winning essays being read, diplomas being handed out to the DARE graduates and the new T-shirts will be worn by students and teachers. Did I mention we'll be going to Chick-fil-A afterward to celebrate?

The world would be a lot safer place if drugs never existed. Some people would still be alive. You wouldn't want to be the cause of broken hearts. So remember, stay away.