Ellen Smith celebrates 95th birthday

Ellen Smith has another birthday to her credit, and celebrated the most recent one - number 95 - with a sombrero and more neighbors than a typical North Augusta City Council meeting would draw.

Smith, known to some for her service through several terms on the Council, was honored at a Jan. 16 gathering at Monterrey Mexican Restaurant.

The longtime Fairview Presbyterian Church member had at least 32 people visiting the restaurant in her honor, and the Monterrey staff had its hands full, as two other birthday gatherings were taking place at the same time.

Among Smith's longtime acquaintances is Mayor Lark Jones, whose Council years overlapped those of Smith.

He noted that she went skydiving on her 85th birthday. He recalled that he, on that occasion, told her she would have to go up in the Space Shuttle for her 100th birthday. Now, however, she has outlived the Space Shuttle.