Through My Eyes: 'Ain't nobody got time for dat'

OK, I realize that if you wrote an English term paper in the vernacular used in this title you would not get an "A." However, sometimes in the course of human events it is not how the language is spoken, but what the language is meant to say.

This point was impressed upon me by a woman who was bemoaning the fact that a fire in her neighborhood apartment complex not only scared her, but also had caused her to have bronchitis. Her TV interview has been circulated on YouTube and, through some clever manipulation, turned into a musical rendition of "Ain't Nobody Got Time for Dat." It was her anchor phrase behind every reference to the fire, and it has been seen and applauded by millions.

This in no way is intended to demean this lady. I am borrowing her descriptive term for some of the problems facing our country today.

Our country has a legal $16.4-trillion-dollar cap on government borrowing. Our leaders in Washington hit that limit last month. Members of Congress, in particular Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is asking the president to somehow find a way around that limit so more of our nation's money can be borrowed and spent, thus sinking us further into debt.

What should we the taxpayers say to that? "Ain't nobody got time for dat."

While Republicans are asking for a cut in spending equal to any new borrowing, the Democrats are saying, "Ain't nobody got time for dat."

It has even been suggested by those we have sent to Congress that the president should have a new coin minted worth a trillion dollars, deposit it at the Federal Reserve, then draw on that to pay down the debts that have been thrust upon us.

What should we the people say to that (altogether now), "Ain't nobody got time for dat."

During this last election campaign, Barack Obama said income taxes would be raised only on those incomes of $1 million or more. But, it turns out, that taxes will go up for about 76 percent of Americans.

What should we say (you are catching on fast), "Ain't nobody got time for dat."

The antics of all "professional politicians" that say one thing and then do another make you and I want to shout, "Ain't nobody got time for dat."

Talking about the state of our situation in Washington, D.C., is making me nauseous, so let's move on.

Sportscaster Brent Musburger caught some heat during coverage of the National Championship game between the University of Alabama and Notre Dame. When the cameras pointed to Miss Alabama in the stands, who just happens to be the girlfriend of Alabama's quarterback, Musburger basically said, "Wow, what a beautiful girl."

Then he remarked, "All you quarterbacks get the beautiful women."

Isn't that just a little bit of nitpicking? It certainly was not an insult to Miss Alabama, and I'm sure she was not offended. So, to that (join me now), "Ain't nobody got time for dat."

Finally, it was reported that country singer Randy Travis was legally drunk when he was arrested after having an accident while driving in Texas.

That is not enough information. He also happened to be naked. So, let you and I explain that, "Ain't nobody got time for dat."

Again let me say Happy New Year. Let's make it a good one because, "Everybody's got time for dat."