Embrace challenges in journey of life

A beautiful lady named Elizabeth Steadman gave me a book last week titled "Overcoming Life's Challenges" by Bill Crowder.

A small book, it contains lessons from the life of Joseph in the Bible and relates to someone in today's world who is facing challenges in their lives.

It seems that it would be impossible for anyone to face and overcome all the challenges Joseph faced in his life, yet every challenge molded him into the person that God wanted him to be.

As Samuel Rutherford once said, "Praise God for the hammer, the file and the furnace. The hammer molds us, the file sharpens us and the fire tempers us." So, embrace your challenges and see where they take you in your journey in life.

Another book was given to me by my daughter-in-law Helen, who knows that I hold a home devotional before breakfast every morning. The title of this one, "The Intellectual Devotional," was intriguing. Promotional material on the front of the book stated "Revive your mind - Complete Your Education - and Roam Confidently with the Cultured Class."

I wanted to be sure I had that "cultured" class correctly defined. The Oxford American Dictionary states, "Artistic and intellectual achievement and customs/achievements of a particular civilization." Authored by David S. Kidder and Noah D. Oppenheim, it is a New York Times best-seller.

I have used many daily devotionals but this one is entirely different. Monday is about history; Tuesday is literature; Wednesday, visual arts; Thursday, science; Friday, music; Saturday, philosophy; and Sunday, religion. It is a great book that has researched many subjects and would be an excellent resource for many sermons and/or speeches.

Life has to be lived for the future, but can only by understood by searching the past. However, for me, it will not replace the Bible for my morning devotionals.

To put the response to last week's "Wrinkles" into one sentence: No one but elected officials should be in the position to raise taxes because they do not have to answer to anyone.

On Tuesday, Jan. 22, at 11:30 a.m., there's a great lunch with a fantastic speaker at the METTS meeting at Grace United Methodist Church and it's all only $5. Everyone's invited.

"Life is the flower for which love is the honey." - Victor Hugo