The Growl: My New Year's Resolution

My New Year's Resolution

People make New Year's resolutions because they want to accomplish something. A New Year's resolution is like a commitment that people make.

Some people might want to lose weight or play with their kids more. Usually, anything they want to do for the new year is a resolution. People do different things, and so can you.

My New Year's resolution is to learn more and get a good education. I want to learn all subjects even though I like reading and math. I want to get good grades and keep a happy face. I want to go to Aiken Technical College just like my mom did. I am going to try my best at what I do.

To continue my New Year's resolution, I will listen and follow directions 24/7. I will try to improve on anything that I have trouble with. I will make sure to concentrate and focus. This will help me do better and get good grades. I will help kids with homework. When I get a good education, I can teach anyone. I hope that my New Year's resolution follows through because I bet my mom and dad will be proud.