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The difference between Blue Bell, Blue Ribbon

Blue Bell, Blue Ribbon. They both have blue in the name, but are totally different. I think that Blue Bell makes the best ice cream in the nation.

Hammond Hill is honored to be a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, which means we are one of the best schools in the nation. Blue Bell celebrated our achievement by bringing Blue Bell ice cream to every student and teacher in the school.

I am lucky to know a lot about Blue Bell ice cream. I just moved here from Texas, and while I lived there, we visited the Blue Bell factory. My family and I were able to tour the whole facility. While there, we found out that Blue Bell's name came from the Texas wildflower. In 2007, Blue Bell celebrated its 100th anniversary.

We learned that vanilla was the first ice cream flavor of Blue Bell and it is still the best-selling ice cream flavor. They also do not make all of the flavors all of the time. Blue Bell gives you ice cream flavors that fit the season. They call them rotational flavors. After the tour we got free ice cream.

The Blue Bell creamery I toured was in Brenham, Texas - home of the original creamery. The ice cream that came to our school was probably from one of Blue Bell's production plants in Sylacauga, Ala.

I love how both of the best things can come together. It is amazing that Blue Bell can deliver all that ice cream.

There is an old saying that says that the cream always rises to the top, so in a way, Hammond Hill is the cream.