Local salon goes for world record

There is a world record attempt going on right here in North Augusta, though it may not be one that many people expect.

The Great Clips at Crossroads Market, 404 E. Martintown Road, is aiming to get the Guinness World Record for the largest ball of human hair. The current record holder is Henry Coffer, a barber from Missouri, who saved all of the hair he cut for 50 years to amass a 4-foot, 167-pound hairball in 2008.

Melinda Jones, the manager at Great Clips, has been working on this project since Halloween, dubbed 'The Big Hair Scare.' Since that time, the staff has amassed a little more than 100 pounds of hair. Oddly enough, Coffer's record-breaking hairball was submitted on Jones' birthday.

"I brought it up to the staff and said 'What do you think about this,' and everyone got excited," Jones said. "Especially the kids - they all get really excited."

Jones is letting anyone who becomes a part of the hair conglomerate sign signature pages and be listed among the contributors. One of the major motivating factors for her, other than the record, is the ability to do something special for charity.

"Great Clips is a big supporter of the Children's Miracle Network," Jones said, also noting that there are already two would-be bidders. "So I am going to auction the hairball off at the end."

The idea sprouted from Jones' own personal research and desire to do something special for the city of North Augusta.

"It has really motivated the staff, and the more we talk to people and the kids, the more excited they get," she said.

There also is a contest that Jones is running parallel with the record attempt, which involves kids bringing in their own hairball characters. The winner of the contest will receive free haircuts for a year.

There will be a separate coloring contest for younger participants of a generic character that will be posted on the salon's Facebook page.

Jones is hopeful to have the hairball completed by April for the Guinness judges to weigh and inspect. Jones received some inquiries about outside help, but she has chosen to keep this for her salon and the area.

"We wanted this for our staff, we are the only Great Clips here, and for the city of North Augusta," she said. "I really want everybody in North Augusta to be a part of it."

When the salon holds its finale, Jones hopes to turn it into an event for everyone in the community. Leading up to the record attempt, the winners of the contests will be announced and an event will be held.

Though she wouldn't give too many details, as they are fluid at this time, Jones promises that it will be quite the show.

"We're definitely going to have a big party to celebrate this," she said.

On the week of Feb. 9, the salon will be giving haircuts for $6.99 with no coupon required. For more information, visit the salon's Facebook page at facebook.com/Greatclipsrecordbreakers or call 613-0300.