Home provides a link to area's past

When Tracy and Sam Bennett moved into their home on 1016 Hampton Terrace, it was an area that they found struck a perfect blend.

"The character of the homes from that era just isn't something you see much of nowadays," said Tracy Bennett, whose husband was a former City Administrator for North Augusta. "And it's not just the homes, it's the landscape and the trees that are so developed."

The house is located on the site of the Hampton Terrace Hotel, which burned down on Dec. 31, 1916, and brings back ties to an era long-forgotten. Relics from the hotel can still be found in the backyard and around the neighborhood if the rain hits things just right.

It's the live oak in the front yard, however, that Bennett truly misses.

"That tree is big enough that it had to been planted around the time of the hotel or right after the fire by a volunteer," she said. "But whoever built the house must have planned it to incorporate the tree. When you open up the blinds it almost feels like it is part of the living room. That is probably my favorite tree on Earth."

The Bennetts moved into the home in February 2007 and moved out after roughly 5½ years. Bennett estimates that the house was built some time in the early 1940s, and it also includes a separate two-car garage and two fences. The fences were made by design to allow for different situations.

"You can close the big one and have the entire yard for kids to run around," Bennett said. "Then you can also close the one in the back and have a smaller area for the dogs so they aren't roaming around. That yard was probably the all-time greatest Easter egg hunting ground I have ever seen."

The location also puts the house in the heart of the historic part of the city.

"We love the location because it is very convenient to everything in town," Lorraine Dunaway, who lives next door, said. "Specifically grocery stores, the rec department, the Greeneway, our church, which is right down the corner, stores, shops and restaurants. We like the street and feel like it's hidden right in town."

The convenience was also something that Tracy Bennett echoed as something she missed.

"One thing I miss every Sunday is waking up and walking to church," she said.

Though Bennnett said she enjoys where she lives in Goose Creek, the house they once occupied is one that she wished she could have brought with them.

"If I could, I wish I could have taken that house, brick by brick, and that yard and teleport it here," she said. "When Sam and I bought that home it was our intention to make it a place we would retire."

Currently the house is for sale by the owners, but the Bennetts are turning over the listing to Liz Berry of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. Berry can be reached at (706) 364-7653.