LETTER: Dickert has city's future within sight

Dickert has city's future within sight

Fletcher Dickert, a newcomer to North Augusta politics, has thrown his hat into the ring for the Feb. 12 Republican primary.

I have known Dickert for the past 14 years, and I believe he represents the type of leadership needed for the future of our community. His ideas are serious and thoughtful, respecting the past and looking to the future to continue improving the quality of life we enjoy in North Augusta.

After graduating from North Augusta High School, he completed his formal education at Clemson University, joined a local construction management firm, married his college sweetheart and recently became the proud father of a lovely baby girl. His roots are here in South Carolina's riverfront, and his desire is to make life better for all in North Augusta.

In an era when uncommitted tax dollars are scarce, he would like to see North Augusta encourage new businesses, particularly in the downtown area, to try to keep more tax revenue on our side of the river.

Who hasn't said, "I wish North Augusta had a store or restaurant like that?" North Augusta's recent past has been marked by some very beneficial upgrades and improvements. This is the type of progress that Dickert would like us to expand upon.

As we begin to consider the recently announced North Augusta riverfront project, we will need deliberate assessments and sober decision-making to ensure a future we can afford and welcome to our community. Dickert will provide that service and be the type of councilman we can approach with confidence that he will represent the interest of all our citizens.

Bobby Oliver