Newspapers In Education National Program

The Newspaper Association of America Foundation commissioned a study to find out if Newspaper-In education really works.

The results: Students in schools with at least some NIE programs scored 10 percent better on standardized tests than students in schools that had no NIE programs. The newspaper is an excellent tool to enhance critical thinking, increase vocabulary and improve skills in a wide variety of subjects. NIE is a strong tool for teachers seeking solid achievement for their students. In other words - NIE works!

NIE is an acronym for Newspapers in Education, a nationwide program started in 1966, in which newspapers supplement textbooks and teaching materials. This program is a cooperative effort of the Aiken Standard Newspaper working with local schools to utilize the newspaper as a dynamic teaching tool.

NIE utilizes newspapers in the classroom to help children understand our changing world by exposing them to current events, community issues, geography, technology, history, art, literature. The NIE program at the Aiken Standard is part of a national effort to increase student desire to learn, and reinforce the basic skills needed to appreciate what the printed word has to offer.

A newspaper in the classroom connects young people with their community, their nation and the world.

Why we use a newspaper

  • Its current. It's up to date.
  • It's motivational.
  • It sparks student interest to learn.
  • It "turns on" the "turned off" student.
  • It expands a student's area of interest.
  • It contains something of interest for everyone.
  • It's a perfect model for teaching students to write.
  • It has a variety of Readability levels.
  • It contains practical information.
  • It deals with the real world.
  • It's a creative teaching tool.
  • It enhances cooperation.
  • It assists teachers in meeting South Carolina's Educational Requirements.
  • It's a School Budget Bargain!
  • It is a skill you will use all your life.

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