• Keith W. Bradberry - accompanying photo

    Keith W. Bradberry

    5/27/2013 10:58 PM

    Keith W. Bradberry AIKEN, S.C. – Keith W. Bradberry, 43, beloved husband of Beverly Bradberry, died Sunday, May 26, 2013. Funeral arrangements will be announced by SHELLHOUSE FUNERAL HOME ...

As the green du jour on everyone's shopping list, kale can't fail

9/25/2012 9:20 PM

Kale is the Jeff Bridges of vegetables - been around forever, utility player, not the flashy type. Until lately. Since being crowned prom king of locavore fads, kale has been putting on airs. All of a sudden, it's cozying up to caramelized onions and ...

Speedy Fall suppers

9/18/2012 11:57 PM

Don't think you have time to make a delicious meal for your busy family? Think again; with these handy tips and easy recipes - which call for just four ingredients - you can get a satisfying supper on the table in no time. Make it even easier by incl ...

Back to school: Lessons for a healthy lunch

8/25/2012 10:35 PM

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. - On school nights, Patti Anderson asks her three children what they want for lunch the next day. Her fridge is stocked to accommodate requests for butcher-sliced turkey with string cheese, low-sodium soup or chopped bell pep ...

Fruit costumes aim to encourage kids to eat healthier lunches

8/25/2012 10:35 PM

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A raucous mob of first and second graders, jostling for lunch at Hallandale Elementary School, shouts and jumps at the sight of a human-sized banana in their midst. "They love it," Broward School District intern Ericka Floyd s ...

Depression era foods and stories from the past

8/14/2012 5:32 PM

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting a show with my friend Margaret McDermott, who was born in 1925, so she does remember some of the foods that her mom made during that time. She remembers Roosevelt saying that he would put a chicken in every pot. ...

Recipes from the Depression Era

8/14/2012 5:32 PM

CHICKEN FRICASSEE TOTAL TIME: 2 hours, 20 minutes PREP TIME: 20 minutes COOK TIME: 2 hours YIELD: 8 INGREDIENTS: 1 whole chicken, cut up 2 onions, diced 4 cloves of diced garlic 1 tsp. onion powder 1 tsp. garlic powder 4 cups of water salt and pepper ...

Build a better burger

8/8/2012 1:25 PM

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- There are burgers - and then there are burgers. You know. The ones that make you channel a steamy Kate Upton cheeseburger commercial, moaning with every bite as juices and condiments run down your arms and some wiseacre at the nex ...

Build a better burger

8/8/2012 12:27 PM

For The Associated PressEveryone has a school lunch horror story, the mystery meat "steaks," the limp, white bread sandwiches, the dangers lurking in any dish with "surprise" in the title.But what if people with serious kitchen cred got involved? Cou ...

Cooking Tips: Eggs, bananas, measuring, beans

7/26/2012 5:10 PM

Check if eggs are bad If the eggs have been in your fridge for over 2 weeks, they may not be so fresh. Place your eggs in lightly salted water to see if they float or sink. If they sink, they are okay to eat. If they float, throw them away. Going ba ...

Lunch box tech: Stainless steel makes food safety easy
Lunch box tech: Stainless steel makes food safety easy

7/24/2012 6:47 PM

It's entirely likely I spend too much time thinking about the lunches I pack for my 7-year-old son. After all, he probably spends all of 5 minutes inhaling my hard work. But this is a different era from the days when I proudly toted cheese and mustar ...

Lobstermen finding more odd colors in the catch

7/24/2012 6:47 PM

PORTLAND, Maine - When a 100-pound shipment of lobsters arrived at Bill Sarro's seafood shop and restaurant last month, it contained a surprise - six orange crustaceans that have been said to be a 1-in-10-million oddity. "My butcher was unloading th ...

Turn fresh summer fruit into flavorful preserves

7/11/2012 12:32 AM

NORMAN PARK, Ga. -- Lauri Jo Bennett is stirring fresh fruit into a bubbling pot of vinegar, sugar, chopped bell peppers and jalapeños. She is making pepper jelly - with a twist. A native of this South Georgia town, Bennett is a former scho ...

Celebrity chef playfully skewers foodie culture

7/11/2012 12:30 AM

Top-ranked restaurants? Check. Best-selling memoirs? Sure. Emmy-winning television series about all the places where food and travel intersect? Of course. If Anthony Bourdain was a triple threat before, the arrival of his first graphic novel - the ...

Celebrate the 4th with all-American recipes

7/4/2012 12:31 AM

The Fourth of July is one hot time for an outdoor party. We've combed the archives for some great blasts from the past that will serve up culinary fireworks. If you've never grilled ribs, Backyard Championship Ribs is an easy recipe to start with. Ta ...

Go beyond basic mixes for fabulous flapjacks

6/27/2012 3:38 PM

There's a reason for that phrase "selling like hot cakes." On a lazy Sunday morning, the fragrant flapjack makes a perfect vehicle for maple syrup, fruit compotes, yogurt, sliced berries or a simple dusting of powdered sugar. But why not up your game ...

Downtown bar adds sweets, changes name, management
Downtown bar adds sweets, changes name, management

6/22/2012 12:14 AM

There's been a change in management, an addition to its name and a dash of sweetness at 100 Laurens St. Now known as The Cork & Bean at One Hundred Laurens, the bar now offers cakes and other desserts as well as espresso, lattes and cappuccinos. ...

Dry-aging beef gains popularity

6/19/2012 9:20 PM

(MCT) -- Summer is prime time for beef. And if that beef is dry-aged, some say, all the better. Dry-aging beef is not new. Years ago, it was standard in the meat industry. But today, most beef is simply aged briefly in its packaging. But dry-agin ...

New downtown soda parlor draws stream of customers
New downtown soda parlor draws stream of customers

6/18/2012 12:06 AM

Little Olivia Cavero eagerly grabbed for the straw sticking out of her mother's milkshake after she got a tiny taste of the cool, chocolatey treat Sunday afternoon. The 11-month-old child was one of many smiling faces that have popped in to the new s ...

Genetically modified foods may get label in Calif.

6/14/2012 11:49 AM

SAN FRANCISCO -- California voters will soon decide whether to require special labels for food made from genetically modified ingredients, in a closely watched test of consumer attitudes about the merits of genetically engineered crops. Advocates co ...

Burger King bets on bacon sundae for summertime
Burger King bets on bacon sundae for summertime

6/12/2012 9:25 PM

NEW YORK – Burger King wants to lure customers this summer with a barbecue party - and a bacon sundae. The world's second biggest hamburger chain on Thursday is launching several pork, beef and chicken sandwiches as limited time offers. And for ...